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KCSHS Glossary of Terms

  • "Layed Out": Railroad Slang; being delayed by another train.
    Getting a lot of bad meets, etc.
  • "Manifest Train": Railroad Term; Mixed Freight- may include all types of traffic. Basically it is NOT a unit train of some sort.
  • "Meet": Railroad Term; When two trains "meet" and one train has to take a siding for the other train to pass.
  • "On the Law": regards the Hours of Service Law; which only allows engine crew to work 12 hours. To perform service beyond 12 hours would put you "On the Law".
    Going "on the law" is bad for the crew AND the railroad.
  • "Pickups": Railroad Term; When cars are added to an existing train for delivery on its route.
  • "Setouts": Railroad Term; When cars are removed from a train for delivery at a yard for further routing or at an industry.
  • "TOFC": Railroad Acronym; Trailer on Flat Car -- Same as Piggyback.
  • "Dodger": Railroad (KCS) Term; Local train for picking up and setting out cars..