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Review of the video:
Kansas City Southern 2003
Big "E" Productions

November 2003

Big "E" Productions has just published a new video entitled Kansas City Southern 2003.

This 69-minute video covers the southern end of the KCS Heavener Subdivision in Oklahoma and the central part of the Greenville Subdivision in Texas. This is a follow-up to the earlier Big "E" video Kansas City Southern 1999.

As in all of his Big "E" tapes, Richard Eisfeller gives us the history of the lines and a wealth of detail about each train (symbols, origins/destinations, train schedules and frequencies, cargoes carried, etc.) while entire consists roll by in daylight or well-lit night shots. Maps of the two routes are also included.

Amazingly, the program opens with a shot of KCS AC4400CW 2003 to reflect the video's title. The Oklahoma segment shows us eleven trains at or near Howe, Poteau, and Heavener. In the Texas segment, we see twelve trains at Cason, Daingerfield, Hughes Springs, and Sulphur Springs. These trains have KCS, TFM, BNSF, and NS motive power, the latter being in both NS and ex-Conrail colors. We see general merchandise, intermodal, coal, branch-line, and dodger trains, and even one military train. Again, Big "E" always shows you the entire train and tells you all about it.

You can order this video by phoning 800-832-1228 or see the Big "E" web site at www.trainvideos.com. The price is $25.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling by Priority Mail in the USA. They accept all popular credit cards. Their mailing address is: P.O. Box 75; Greenland, NH 03840; USA.

Review by Lowell G. McManus

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