Greenville Subdivision

Stations Mile Post
Greenville T-171.6
DGNO T-171.2
E. Texas
Brashear T-147.8
Sulphur Springs T-140.3
Tugco T-136.2
Como T-130.7
Winnsboro T-117.7
Leesburg T-105.4
Monticello T-101.0
Pittsburg T-98.3
Welsh T-90.4
Cason T-88.8
Veals T-78.4
Hughes Springs T-76.3
Lassater T-61.1
UP Crossing T-50.2
Jefferson T-49.3
Fox T-35.6
Hammock T-3.7
Texas Junction T-0.0
Shreveport 553.3

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