KCS Alco's

NumberModelBuilderDate BuiltBuilder NumberNotes
1110RS-1*ALCO11/4370825sold to George Cook Company; only 4 rostered
1111RS-1*ALCO12/4370826only 4 rostered
1112RS-1*ALCO12/4370827only 4 rostered
1113RS-1*ALCO12/4370828only 4 rostered
1114S-2*ALCO10/4069393purchased used/3 previous owners
1120HH900*ALCO10/3768996sold 4/56
1121HH1000*ALCO2/4069179acquired 4/56;traded 11/66
1122HH1000*ALCO4/4069184acquired 4/56;traded 11/66
1123HH1000*ALCO4/4069185acquired 4/56;traded 11/66
4080slugALCO10/4269913from MidAmerica Car Co.

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