KCS SD45's

NumberModelLiveryOrig ModelOld NumberRebuilderRebuilt
4500SD45T-3GraySD45T-2SP 6769MK Rail4/96
4501SD45T-3GraySD45T-2SP 6773MK Rail4/96
4502SD45T-3GraySD45T-2SP 6775MK Rail4/96
4503SD45T-3GraySD45T-2SP 6782MK Rail5/96
4504SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 933MK Rail5/96
4505SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 932MK Rail7/96
4506SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 926MK Rail5/96
4507SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 927MK Rail5/96
4508SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 928MK Rail6/96
4509SD45T-3GraySD45T-2HATX 929MK Rail6/96

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